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Death Bug

Post by Adrian » February 6th, 2008, 10:30 pm

If you're clicking wildly, using a ranged magic spell, you can kill a creature twice, even three times in a row. I did this a few times without realizing it until I read the list and saw that I'd killed ONE Noximander twice in a row for 45 experience points each time.

Seems like a bug right there!

Also, those same Noximanders seemed to have a few small grey pixels at the top of their block, where the mask between the actual body and the image itself (the image of course, being square), failed.

Any ideas?

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Post by BasiliskWrangler » February 6th, 2008, 11:32 pm

Both problems are legitimate bugs.

We've had some issues with creatures dying multiple times during testing...seem that it may still be an issue under offensive spells. We'll check it out.

And yes, there are a few sprites that have a screwed up mask. It is just a minor annoyance and doesn't effect gameplay.

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