Nothern Crakamir Early? No Terrain

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Nothern Crakamir Early? No Terrain

Post by Asharak »

Given the presence of a giant black gate (Mordor reference, much? ;)) I'm assuming one isn't supposed to be able to get into Crakamir too early in the game. I'm also assuming that fact is the cause of this bug: there's a spot on the Northeastern Crakamir map where it is, nonetheless, possible to get into Northern Crakamir (in the very northwest corner of the map, at coordinates X=1, Y=17) - only when you get there, there's no ground. Your character is visible, but other than that you're walking on a void/abyss. It looks like this, which just doesn't seem right. ;)

- Ash
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Post by BasiliskWrangler »

Hmm...that would be a infamous "barrier error". There have been a couple found. Careful- 99% of the time it leads to a crash...

We'll get it patched.
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