Starting Items Based on Class and Axiom - How?

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Re: Starting Items Based on Class and Axiom - How?

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Loot level 0 is supposed to indicate starting gear appropriate to your class, but for some reason the skeleton at the start of Weeping Mountain is set to 1. Maybe it's the EMPTY values in the rest of the contents slots that cause this behavior? But I assume you replicated them as well...

In fact, the starting items in Book II don't use loot level 0, either. I wonder where xolotl got that information.
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Re: Starting Items Based on Class and Axiom - How?

Post by BasiliskWrangler »

Prismatic Maelstrom wrote:At the beginning of Book III there are skeletal remains that hold a particular item or two relevant to what class and axiom you chose. Vroqren was kind enough to have made a list what can be viewed here.

I've tried replicating the skeletal remains but cannot get the same results as above. Is it possible or is there something unique about the Weeping Mountains map?
That starting gear is hard coded. You select your Class, and the program fills in the contents of that "container" upon starting the game. Sorry- it's just another way I streamlined development at the expense of flexibility.
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