The Gods:

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The Gods:

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Does anyone utilize the Gods anymore within campaigns they play out? I was leafing though my "Best of Dragon" magazines, volumes one through five, and rediscovered the gods, along with a few classes I had all but forgotten. For those interested...


Clanggedin Silverbeard: The Father of Battle.
Dumathoin: Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain.
Abbathor: Great Master of Greed.
Vergadain: God of Wealth and Luck.
Berronar: Mother of Safety, Truth and Home.


Aerdrie Faenya: Goddess of Air and Weather.
Erevan Ilesere: God of Mischief and Change.
Hanali Celanil: Goddess of Romantic Love and Beauty.
Labelas Enoreth: God of Longevity.
Solonor Thelandirea: God of Archery and Hunting.


Sheela Peryroyl: The Wise.
Arvoreen: The Defender.
Cyrrollalee: The Faithful.
Brandobaris: Master of Stealth.

Also provided are the Gods of Gnomes, Orcs and Half-Orcs. Too, each God is accompanied by at least a half page of both descriptions and stats (sometimes even a page or two) so, if anyone is serious about using a God within a future campaign, and they wish to know more about said particular God, let me know and I will hook you up with some information. Otherwise, try tracking down the "Best of Dragon" Volume III (1983 TSR, Inc).

As for the few interesting, seldom played Classes (which I mentioned above), give me a bit of time and I will post them, lol...I am still reading up on these classes.
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