GameBanshee posts their Eschalon: Book II Overload site

Need help with Eschalon: Book II? GameBanshee has posted an exhaustive database of Book II information, containing everything you might ever want to know about it, including a full walk-through. Really impressive stuff!

Link: GameBanshee’s Eschalon: Book II Content Overload


Posted: August 19th, 2013 under News.

3 Responses to “GameBanshee posts their Eschalon: Book II Overload site”

  1. aldbeski says:

    i see the star for spells is pointing down again

  2. Prismatic Maelstrom says:

    And why is that important enough for you to post about it?

  3. redivider says:

    This game series is so awsome, good job devs, keep it up!

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