Goodbye, summer!

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It’s funny- when you post something like “we’re relaxing a bit this summer” people assume that you mean you’ve left the building and shut off the lights. Not so at all! We’ve been here, just working more in a “part-time” fashion. Now that Summer is showing herself to the door, we’re back in the studio moving full speed ahead. We’re putting together the information needed to announce the next game, and working with Steam on a fix for the Lion + Steam + Eschalon bug that has popped up a few weeks ago. More info soon!

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  1. jeremy
    | Reply

    Good news on all fronts! Well, except for the back to full time hours thing…

  2. Repe Sorsa
    | Reply

    hoping to hear about book III soon!!!

  3. MikAnda
    | Reply

    Really enjoyed playing book 2, looking forward to more story and new areas and enemies!

  4. Niklas
    | Reply

    I just finished Eschalon Book II and I want more of the same… It was so much fun. If you find it in your hearts to give a release date soon then maybe I can sleep at night again 🙂

  5. Kenny
    | Reply

    Really looking forward to the Trilogy DVD so I can play through all three games 😀

  6. LUMPY
    | Reply

    Team Basilisk – I just wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making these games! I had given up on role-playing because I seriously thought the genre was dead. Then I found Book 1 & 2 last year and have never been happier. Without a doubt I will be the first to purchase Book 3 when the link goes live!!

  7. Ronnie
    | Reply

    Can hardly wait for book 3 Agree with LUMPY also almost gave up.

  8. Marco
    | Reply

    Here in Argentina, winter is the one showing herself to the door. Looking forward to hear big news about Book III soon!

    P.S.: If I am right, yesterday was Programmer’s day. Happy day Thomas!

  9. T_U
    | Reply

    Thanks for the news !

    Oh by the way, if you have a little spare time, you could publish your game in the recent Ubuntu Store and Gameolith ; it could raise some interest and also be easier to officially support one distro 🙂

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