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Finnish print magazine Pelit has finished their review of Eschalon: Book II in their current issue, giving the game a strong 86/100.

UPDATE: We have been told that Pelit magazine has given Eschalon: Book II its “Pelit Recommends” label- their version of an Editor’s Choice nod. Thanks Pelit!

Also, popular French gaming magazine Canard PC has reviewed Book II in their current issue and rated it 8/10. Here is the cover of their current issue:

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  1. Atarun
    | Reply

    Actually, I had never heard of Eschalon before reading its review in Canard PC and as soon as I finished reading it, I headed to this website, tried the demo for half an hour or so then bought the game ^^

  2. TheCupcake.
    | Reply

    I see all these GREAT reviews and whatnot, but, be fair. Post some bad ones. We want some lulz.

  3. InkRose
    | Reply

    I just thought I’d mention that on top of the 86 points in Pelit, Book II also got “Pelit Suosittelee” (Pelit Recommends), which is their special stamp of approval, so to speak. There were a few games in the issue that scored 90+ but didn’t get the recommendation.

  4. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    Sweet news! Thanks InkRose!

  5. PaulW
    | Reply

    When are we going to get some reviews natively in english? 🙂

    Also you should probably have those links target a new page so that it doesn’t send users away from your website. . .just a personal preference. I like it when you click a link and a new tab opens.

  6. LapinDuracell
    | Reply

    Hey, canard PC gave it a 9/10, which is very rare coming from them (they are rather hardcore usually).

  7. corpuscule
    | Reply

    Hey, I saw Book II on Impulse online store, but didn’t know if it was any good. Now that I’ve read Canard PC review, I’m going to download the demo and see 🙂

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