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I’m sure you were hoping for a more exciting update. Sorry ’bout that. Anyway, we have a new mailing address (see About Us) so make sure you send all those huge donations to this new address. Just kidding, we take small donations too.

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  1. Paul
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    Ha, good one! I did buy 3 copies of Book 2 for my brother in law and a friend, does that count as a donation? 🙂 Now when do we get to see some info on Book III?

  2. secuda
    | Reply

    a sugestion. create a “kickstarter”, random people dont really mind to give money to these companies.

    How ever i dont know if this project would pass as a “kickstarter”?

  3. Barti
    | Reply

    +1 for kickstarter; no doubt it will.

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