New prices on our games!

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We have lowered our prices on Eschalon: Book I (now $9.95) and Book II (now $14.95). These new, lower prices should be available through all our partners as well.

If you are an old-school RPG fan and still haven’t played Eschalon, now is a great time to grab both games and get up-to-speed before we release the epic conclusion of the series in Book III!


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  1. Kubas
    | Reply

    great, just buy it everyone, it’s really awesome!!!

  2. Rand
    | Reply

    Will the prices on Steam for the games also be dropping to $10/15 respectively?
    (Yes I’m one of those that are foolishly fond of having almost all their games collected in one client)

  3. Deo
    | Reply


    Where is boxed version of book II? You promised it after new year and it is almost March? Thanks, Deo

  4. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    @Rand: Steam has been informed of our new prices- unsure when they will make the change.

    @Deo: We are trying to negotiate a smaller run of Book II discs with the manufacturer. Hopefully have an answer for you in just a few more weeks.

  5. Jedi_Learner
    | Reply

    @BasiliskWrangler: Will there be any difference between the new DVD’s and the original run? I’m sure the new DVD’s will contain the latest version but will that be the only change?

  6. RaverDave
    | Reply

    Excellent, I currently own both through steam but would like to get them direct from your self both to support you and to have a backup not locked into steam.

    Can’t decide though if I should grab these or wait for the Trillogy DVD that is supposed to be coming once Book III is out. Choices, choices 🙂

  7. Anders
    | Reply

    I bought Book I yesterday (16th of May) at MacGameStore for 19.95!!

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