Over a YEAR since our last update??

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Where has the time gone?

Yes, we are still here doing our thing: making games! If you’ve followed us over the past year, you’ll know that we’ve been working on a sci-fi RPG but decided to change the engine on it after 18+ months of work. I don’t want to repeat myself, but sometimes a game’s design just doesn’t work out and a hard reset is needed. The project is still actively being worked on.

So really, at this point, we actually have three major projects that we’ve been developing for a few years. Only one of our these projects is a true role-playing game, which I feel reflects our desire to not just be considered an exclusive RPG developer. I really can’t say which one of these projects might reach beta stage first, which is generally when I feel comfortable announcing them. We jumped the gun on the Zodiac project a couple years ago (and yes, Zodiac is still one of the projects in development).

Later in 2019 we should have a website redesign, and our accountant would very much like to see us announce a game this year, so…we’ll see. Until then, game on!

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  1. Nick
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    Good to hear things are going well. With all the tumultuous gaming news these days it’s almost quaint for a developer to just quietly keep working, not making a huge fuss until it’s time to actually announce something.

    Speaking of the accountant joke though, it’s also good to see you’re still in business, what with the games industry being as up and down as it is. I’d almost joke that Epic is helping to keep things afloat in return for an exclusivity deal, but that’s a overused joke these days. 🙂

  2. zanza
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    I check in dutifully every month and Im very happy to see an update. I think any genre of game you make will be worth the wait. Yes I shall game on until then.

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