Updated Mac version of Eschalon: Book I

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We’ve just uploaded a newly compiled edition of Eschalon: Book I for the Mac. The game is still at version number 1.05 and nothing about it has changed, however if you are running MacOS 10.6.3 or higher and you are experiencing glitchy graphics, this new compile should fix the problem for you.

If you are not experiencing any graphic anomalies, this new version offers NO CHANGES from what you currently are running.

If you need this new version of Book I, email us your order info and we can activate a new download link for you.

Eschalon: Book II update to version 1.04

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We’ve just updated Eschalon: Book II to version 1.04. A long list of fixes and tweaks can be found here. If you bought the game from us, you can download the newest version from the downloads page. Just uninstall your old version and reinstall the newest.

If you bought the game through Steam, Impulse, Direct2Drive or any other distributor, you’ll need to wait for them to update their versions sometime next week.

Alternate Purchase Method

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Over on the Purchase Page we have added links at the bottom for an alternate way to purchase our games. For those of you who want to know: our primary order service is Plimus and they are generally very good. However, some people do have problems using their service, so we now offer our games through BMT Micro as well.

The Gameplay’s the Thing: Eschalon Book 1 and 2

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Athena Andreadis, author of “The Biology of Star Trek” and published SF/F fiction, has posted her thoughts on the Eschalon series over at Starship Reckless. Her blog entry covers a bit of both Book I and II and is overall very positive. Here’s a clip:

“Despite its quotidian larger concept,¬†Eschalon is immensely appealing to me because it has a coherent story with context ‚Äď and because it demands and rewards exploration. Lagniappes abound in the game: a hidden chest in this rocky cove, a skills trainer in that secluded glen. And the fragmentary texts and conversation snippets that you encounter or trigger (especially in¬†EB 2) have echoes, as if there are layers indeed to this world beyond its surface, itself riddled with abandoned buildings and half-completed works that add to the haunting effect.

Jump here for the full post: http://www.starshipnivan.com/blog/?p=2455

First batch of DVDs shipped!

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If you purchased your DVD of Eschalon: Book II during the first week its release, your disc was shipped out today! Expect delivery times of 2-4 days for most everyone in the U.S. and 5-10 days for our friends in far away lands.

We should be all caught up on disc orders by the end of this week. Thanks again for your patience!

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