Eschalon: Book III Product Page

Eschalon: Book III updated to version 1.021

See the downloads page to grab the update. GoG and Steam versions will be updated soon.

A formal changelog can be found here, but essentially we fixed bugs and exploits, though there is some additional support for mods.

Also, check out the growing mod collection here:


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Eschalon Trilogy Post-Mortem

Gamesauce has published our Post Mortem on finishing the Eschalon Trilogy. A must-read for any fan.

Link: Eschalon Post-Mortem

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First wave of Book 3 reveiws

RPGWatch posted their positive 4/5 star review for Book 3 saying it’s “…enjoyable, fun and rather addictive.”

RPGWatch review:

Russian gaming website wrote a seemingly positive review. It’s illegible to us, but we got a big, green thumbs-up icon, so we’ll assume they liked it.

Stopgame Review:


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Eschalon: Book III now on Apple’s Mac App Store!

Book 3 now available on Apple’s Mac App Store at a special price of $14.99!



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Download links are fixed!

The download links on the download page are fixed!

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Still recovering….just a bit longer

We are still recovering from complete server meltdown an hour ago. Give us a bit more time and we will have some quality download links set up. So sorry for the sketchy launch!

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Eschalon: Book III is now available!

Happy Valentines Day!

Eschalon: Book III is now available. Grab a Registration Code from the Purchase page, and use it to unlock the demo which you can grab from the Downloads page.

NOTICE: We are experiencing heavy traffic and some people are reporting download issues. We are working to get mirrors up right now.

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Are you a winner?

Messages have gone out to the winners of the free copies of Book III. Check your inbox! Download links will be made available tomorrow.

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Warning: Book III is challenging!

This is a public service announcement from Basilisk Games.

Eschalon: Book III is a very challenging game, especially the first time through. If you are the type of person who, in real life, likes to explore abandoned factories with weak floors and crumbling ceilings, then Book III might be right for you. If you enjoy receiving puzzles that your very life depends on solving, or perhaps swimming in shark-infested waters with meat strapped to your legs sounds like a thrilling afternoon, then you might have fun playing Book III. If you always chose “dare” instead of “truth”, or if you are one of those people who does things your own way because your boss is an idiot, then you’ll enjoy Book III.

However, if your idea of a good time is snuggling up with a safe choose-your-own-adventure book and a hot mug of cocoa, then email us and we’ll direct you to a few mainstream RPGs that are more your speed.


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Eschalon: Book 1 and Book 2 now available for Linux on Steam

For all you Linux users who have been waiting patiently, Eschalon: Book 1 and Eschalon: Book 2 are now available for Linux through Steam.

Oh yeah….and only one more week until the launch of Book III! Whoot!

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