Sale over, new prices

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Our Mega Sale has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word and/or bought our games. Even though the sale has ended, our prices have not returned to their previous rate. Both our games have a new, permanently lower price!

Enough with the chatter, back to work on Book III!

2013 Mega Sale!

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We received quite a few emails from people upset that we missed Steam’s annual Holiday Sale. Sorry about that- we just didn’t get the information to them in time. To make up for it, we are having a 4-day sale here on our own website!

Eschalon: Book I  for  $2.95

Eschalon: Book II  for  $4.95

Click on the Purchase Games link to the left, and you’ll see the sale price in your cart.

We don’t advertise, so please help spread the word!

Basilisk Games Announces Eschalon: Book III

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Basilisk Games is very happy to finally announce that we are, in fact, working on Eschalon: Book III. Most of our fans already know this, but we couldn’t officially announce it to the world until we reached a specific milestone in development.

Head to the Eschalon: Book III page for game info and screenshots.

Official Press Release is here: Press Release

We’ll have more information in the coming months, so stayed tuned!

Email Maintenance

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We’ve done some reconfiguring of our email services, and a few people have reported errors. If you are waiting on a response from us, please resend any email that we have not responded to. If you get a delivery error back, let us know by sending us a private message through our forums, Facebook, or Twitter.

And in case you have not heard, we will be formally announcing Book III next Monday, with game info and a few screenshots.

New mailing address

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I’m sure you were hoping for a more exciting update. Sorry ’bout that. Anyway, we have a new mailing address (see About Us) so make sure you send all those huge donations to this new address. Just kidding, we take small donations too.

Full Speed Ahead!

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Sorry for the lack of recent updates to the front page. We have just begun a special “Summer Crunch Session” to get Book III back on schedule after a small delay in production due to moving the studio. All is well and production is moving forward at full speed. We’ll use this post as a reminder to follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook to keep up with minor news that is not important enough to post here. Also, the Community Forums are a very active hub of fans and sometimes we drop update tidbits in there, so be sure to stop in from time to time.

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