Sneak peak at our current project!

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Zodiac and the Marauders of Sol” is the name of our next game- a sci-fi shooter/adventure hybrid with RPG elements. The teaser page is live, as well as the Facebook page (we’d love it if you liked and shared it!)

The official announcement with gameplay video/screenshots/game information will be released in early 2017. [edit]  Removed “early”. We started getting emails January 1 asking “when?”. Probably not for a few more months. Keep checking back though!

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  1. Smoovy
    | Reply

    JJJam on it! excited to see what ya got over there basilisk!!

  2. Basilisk Games
    | Reply

    Thanks Smoovy! Was that a Newcleus reference?

  3. LokiZ
    | Reply

    ricky ricky ricky ricky!

  4. LokiZ
    | Reply

    Seriously Though, Looking foward to seeing what Zodiac has in store.

    I’m sure your team at Basilisk is going to have fun making this one!

  5. Tombo
    | Reply

    GONNA LOVE this game!!!! I can easily wait until 2017 for it. Thanks basilisk!

  6. Cartron2002
    | Reply

    I love the games you make gys keep on the good work and i hope it will be awesome !

  7. Janusz11
    | Reply

    Oh yeah! This looks really good already. Can’t wait for some more details.

    Sci-fi is right up my alley.

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