Steam Summer Sale – 75% off Eschalon!

Steam’s Summer Sale has begun! Get Eschalon: Book I and Book II for 75% off – the lowest price ever.

Posted: July 12th, 2012 under News.

13 Responses to “Steam Summer Sale – 75% off Eschalon!”

  1. ne_zavarj says:

    How about to releasing both games on GOG ( ) ?

  2. MaT says:

    GOG = Good Old Games. I think that Eschalon is not such old. :-)

  3. Alien426 says:

    > GOG = Good Old Games
    You are out of the loop. They are just a regular digital publisher/shop now.

  4. Mart says:

    No sale direct from the devs?

  5. Some Canadian says:

    I went and bought book 1 as I played book 2 and it was amazing. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to playing book 1 but I figured I’d throw you some money since I love the work that you do.

  6. jimbo says:

    very impressed with your game and an outstanding demo. went to buy book 1 for the 75% off rate and seen steam quit doing it today. its a shame, you’d probably get a lot more digital buys

  7. SkiffyBarns says:

    Bought Diablo 3. What a joke. This is what RPGs have come to? Please finish up Book 3 before I die.

  8. secuda says:

    @MaT since GOG is for sure focusing on old games i can see in both graphics wice and gameplay wice (no offence) this game would fit on GOG.

  9. aziz100 s.a. says:

    is it possible to buy by one card

  10. Gustav says:

    Please make an announcement regarding BOOK III.

  11. ferretgrandpa says:

    Still waiting for anything on Book 3. Is this company still open. I bought Book 1 for full price, I bought Book 2 for full price. I am NOT unhappy about that. I am unhappy about the wait for Book 3.
    No news is not good news

  12. @ferretgrandpa – Of course we are still operating! Sorry for the lack of news, but we’ll have an announcement very soon. Promise!

  13. Brian says:

    Both games are great, but there’s one crucial thing you forgot to add… switching between running and walking. Please have this implemented in Book III, and as an update patch for Book I and II.

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