The Gameplay’s the Thing: Eschalon Book 1 and 2

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Athena Andreadis, author of “The Biology of Star Trek” and published SF/F fiction, has posted her thoughts on the Eschalon series over at Starship Reckless. Her blog entry covers a bit of both Book I and II and is overall very positive. Here’s a clip:

“Despite its quotidian larger concept, Eschalon is immensely appealing to me because it has a coherent story with context – and because it demands and rewards exploration. Lagniappes abound in the game: a hidden chest in this rocky cove, a skills trainer in that secluded glen. And the fragmentary texts and conversation snippets that you encounter or trigger (especially in EB 2) have echoes, as if there are layers indeed to this world beyond its surface, itself riddled with abandoned buildings and half-completed works that add to the haunting effect.

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  1. Athena Andreadis
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    Huffington Post picked up the article… fame and fortune beckon! *smile*

  2. Athena Andreadis
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    … and now it’s featured on HuffPo’s Tech page. Here’s the direct link:

    The (Game)play’s the Thing: The Retro-RPG Eschalon

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