Zodiac Dev Update #1

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Well, we’ve made it through the long holiday season. It’s great to have the time off, but not working for three weeks really messed the development schedule up!

We are currently working on a navigation system to direct the player to different mission points within each planetary system. Our original concept for this nav system was “wide open”, letting the player select any point on the navigation map to enter and explore. But since outer space is BIG, that meant may zones were just dead, empty areas where players burned up fuel. After some holiday brainstorming, we decided to re-build the navigation screen from the ground up using travel corridors between navigation points. It still allows the player to explore, but keeps them from wandering out into deep space. 

Also working on visual effects, sound effects, and trying to decide the kind of music the game will have (testing out different genres and styles to see what fits). No screenshots on this dev update…maybe next one?

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  1. Painted Lady
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    This is quite exciting. I just clicked on the site to leave a post asking for some sort of an update. And, lo and behold, it was already waiting.

    It does sound like you are making serious progress in designing the game mechanics. Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. 羚羊奕
    | Reply

    At least you guys are making some decisions on making it better, better than no progress. Looking forward to it!!
    (Love EB:II, but EB:I has some quite imbalanced proportions between powers of us and enemies at the start of the game. Played EB:III demo, quite great for me…)

  3. noomnau
    | Reply

    Great news! I look forward toscreenshots of new game!

  4. blatherbeard
    | Reply

    waiting with baited breath!

  5. Tom Anderson
    | Reply

    yes, Screenshots would be most appreciated for Zodiac!

  6. Janusz11
    | Reply

    Well, since this game will be part shooter there sure needs to be some music that fits the action.

    But for the exploration part I think nothing fits exploring galaxies and marveling at stars better than some ambient/chill out music. Nothing like Global Communication’s 76:14 or music from any of Ultimae’s artists while watching the stars.

    I think Egosoft did it right with their X game series.

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