And the winners are…

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Nemos T. (UK)
Christopher A. (US)
Athena A. (US)

All the winners have been notified and have responded to their our email, so there is no chance of any alternate winners. Thanks to everyone who responded! Don’t forget to come back and check our website soon- we’ll give away more stuff later (anyone want a Basilisk Games t-shirt?)

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  1. Odin
    | Reply

    Hellz ya I want a T-shirt! Anyways congrats to the winners!

  2. zakon
    | Reply

    Yep, I want Basilisk Games t-shirt 🙂

  3. Cody Smith
    | Reply

    Got any Linux CDs Left. I would really love one of those. Just settled on the Fedora distribution and would love to have it. Hell, I’ll pay for it.

  4. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    I’m sorry- our first batch of CDs ran out. We have nothing left! However, there *will be* an opportunity to purchase more Book I CDs in the future. More on this after we get Book II out the door.

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