Hi, we’re still here!

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How have you been? Us? We’re still working on our next game. 🤔 Perhaps we’ll have an announcement later in 2023. Glad to see you’re still stopping by from time-to-time!

The forums are back!

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Thanks for your patience while we updated the software and wrangled the forums back online. We lost our custom color theme, but that’s a small price to pay in order to salvage years of posts. Also, we’ve had the forums … Read More

Forums are down

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After our web host updated the back-end software, our forums were killed. We’re looking into some solutions. Most people who visit the forums are looking for solutions to quests or tech support. If this is you, Google is your friend. … Read More

MacOS Catalina issues

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As of MacOS Catalina, Macintosh computers no longer support 32-bit Apps. This is unfortunate, because the Eschalon series is written in a defunct language called BlitzMax, which is no longer supported and never had a 64-bit compiler. What that means … Read More

Looking for 3D Character Artists

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We’re looking to work with some freelance artists who specialize in 3D character modeling, including rigging and animating. Blender to Unity workflow. Send us a link to your online portfolio and we’ll contact you for a quote!

Update, please!

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Thanks for all the email, Facebook and Twitter “update requests” you people send us; we see them, but we rarely give individual responses to each request. We’re sorry for being quiet for so long. Our current game-in-development (the sci-fi RPG) … Read More

“Are you going to be at GDC?”

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About this time every year, we get dozens of requests to meet up at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Fransisco. Unfortunately, we are not going this year. We’ve got too much going on here, working on our next game, … Read More

Email problems

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It turns out that our MX records have been jacked up for a few weeks, and our email has been sporadic. We just discovered a cache of 100+ emails that were never delivered, sitting over on our host’s server. So, … Read More

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