Alternate Purchase Method

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Over on the Purchase Page we have added links at the bottom for an alternate way to purchase our games. For those of you who want to know: our primary order service is Plimus and they are generally very good. … Read More

First batch of DVDs shipped!

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If you purchased your DVD of Eschalon: Book II during the first week its release, your disc was shipped out today! Expect delivery times of 2-4 days for most everyone in the U.S. and 5-10 days for our friends in … Read More

DVD Update

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It looks like the DVDs will be finished next Monday, June 7th. The moment the discs arrive at the studio, we will start packing them up and sending them out in the order they were purchased. Thanks for your patience, … Read More

Where is my DVD?!

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We’ve had a few people email us asking when their DVD would arrive, and it occurred to us that we may not have been very clear regarding shipping dates for the Eschalon: Book II DVDs. Since the DVD contains all … Read More

Eschalon: Book II 1.02 Update!

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Based on a great deal of feedback, we are happy to announce the¬†availability¬†of Eschalon: Book II version 1.02. It is a¬†recommended¬†update for everyone since there are a few notable bug fixes, however since there have been no “game breaking” bugs … Read More

Book 2 Update

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Just a quick update: beta testing is still going great! We are giving our testers a Release Candidate later this week to check out. If all goes well, we should be able to announce a release date very, very soon. … Read More

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