Inside Mac Games Reviews Book I and II

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Inside Mac Games has reviewed Eschalon: Book I and Book II. They examine each game separately using two different reviewers. Book I gets a strong 8.25/10 while Book II gets a respectable 7.5/10. As always, we appreciate the coverage! Hit the link below … Read More

RPGWatch’s Review of Book II

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RPGWatch has posted their review of Eschalon: Book II, giving the game a full five stars! Editor Corwin had many kind things to say about Book II, and we thank him for his well-written review. Hit the link below for … Read More

More great Book II Reviews!

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Finnish print magazine Pelit has finished their review of Eschalon: Book II in their current issue, giving the game a strong 86/100. UPDATE: We have been told that Pelit magazine has given Eschalon: Book II its “Pelit Recommends” label- their … Read More

Gear Diary: First Impressions of Book II

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Reviewer Michael Anderson has posted a positive “First Impression” of his experience with Eschalon: Book II, saying: “One subtle thing I noticed was the incredible polish and sense of maturity in the overall development. Things look, feel and play a … Read More

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