Eschalon: Book II Release Date Announced

Basilisk Games are pleased to announce the release dates for our second game, Eschalon: Book II.

Windows: May 12, 2010
Macintosh and Linux: May 26, 2010

The official Press Release can be read here: Press Release Link

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  1. paul
    | Reply

    at last i can sleep peacefully again for i know when my day of the greatest joy will be. hooray!!

  2. dak
    | Reply

    Yes YEs YEEES!

  3. Faithful
    | Reply

    Very nice, thanks. Does it go live to purchase the same day?

  4. Jonas
    | Reply

    That’s wonderful! I’ve been looking forward to Book II for quite a while now.

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  6. Gal
    | Reply

    Native 1024×768? It cant be! This is AD 2010 not 2000.

  7. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    Believe it, Gal! We also run the game in eye-popping 2D.

  8. Schaulustiger
    | Reply

    Hooray, been looking forward to this since I finsihed Book I last year.

    I hope that Book II will get all the praises it deserves and give you enough financial security to make Book III the final masterpiece in the series.

    And you should seriously try to get some coverage. “Rock, Paper, Shotgun” for example springs to my mind as they often cover good indie games and can broaden your audience.

  9. Dulled
    | Reply

    Wohoo! Eschalon date is finally out, but in this midterm what you guys are doing?

  10. Janusz11
    | Reply

    Great news indeed!

    I’m so looking forward to grab my copy!

  11. Todd from Batavia
    | Reply

    Congrats! We have all been eagerly awaiting the release!! Better every time!! Good Luck!!

  12. Sslaxx
    | Reply

    What’s the price going to be?

  13. Flak
    | Reply

    Awsum possum!

  14. CrazyBernie
    | Reply

    “Native 1024×768? It cant be! This is AD 2010 not 2000.”

    Funny thing about 2010… most of your netbooks can only swing 1024×600…. I’ll have to get a more expensive one just to run Book II! 0_o

    Bring on the sexy smooth 2D!

  15. starmonkey
    | Reply

    where’s that demo! get it out!

    I tried the Esch1 demo on my old laptop – ran fairly poorly – I was hoping Esch2 is more optimised.

    I loved what I saw though – great interface and general gameplay – congrats

  16. thetombognome
    | Reply

    Can’t wait for Book II on May 12th for Windows users like myself!!! Everyone else gets it on the 26th, which is fair. Plus, I will download the demo the day it comes out. When I get a steady income, I’ll buy the game too to help you guys out, this time I’ll get the cross platform version on disc. What I’ll want after that is when after Book III comes out, then the Book I/II/III Multi-Binary disc! Hee hee! 😀

  17. thetombognome
    | Reply

    Actually, on second thought, you guys don’t sell multi-binary copies of the Eschalon games, just individual platforms. 🙁 That’s ok, maybe it could be done in the future! 😛

  18. dbyte
    | Reply

    So when will Book III be released? 😉 I am so looking forward to Book II !

  19. Minotaur
    | Reply


  20. Yotie-o
    | Reply

    Great to hear! Calendar is marked and the countdown begins!

  21. Liat, Lord of the dungeon
    | Reply


  22. Leo
    | Reply

    Can it run on netbooks? I have 2 with me at moment but my actual pc is back in states, which I won’t be for months.

  23. B
    | Reply

    Will I be able to purchase the game through steam?

    Thanks a bunch for the game. I have been eagerly awaiting it 🙂

  24. tombodrone
    | Reply

    Hey yeah Thomas add it (Book II) to steam and add Book I to steam as well. Oh and same goes for Book III. 😀

  25. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    tombodrone: Book I is already on Steam. Book II should be on steam shortly after the release.

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  27. tombodrone
    | Reply

    You are totally right, thanks for the correction. Enjoy your time off Thomas and team by the way. (:

  28. KayAU
    | Reply

    Ah, finally…this game has be “coming soon” for a long time now. I really enjoyed Book 1, so this is pretty much a definite buy. 🙂


  29. Jeff
    | Reply


  30. Tal
    | Reply

    Can you give a rough date for when Book II will come out on Steam? I’m waiting to buy it on there

  31. Quiver
    | Reply

    Ditto to what Tal Says. I just bought/played Book I on steam 2 days ago…I can’t put it down.
    I’m DEFINITELY buying Book II as soon as it arrives on Steam.

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