Widget - The Orakur Are Watching!

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Widget - The Orakur Are Watching!

Post by yeety »

This is my third time playing book II.

In three of the games I found a widget at the same place: an empty house on dwarf's land.

Does this work on somewhere?
I can sell it for 1 coin and infinitely dublicate it when I right click, but it is a boring way to be rich :)

By the way, when I print screen, I couldn't see my inventory.

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Re: Widget - The Orakur Are Watching!

Post by dot_sent »

It has been discussed several times, I believe :) Here, for example.

1) No it doesn't work anywhere. It just exists.
2) You can not duplicate infinitely but "just" 65536 times
3) At least, this is true for me - if I save/load with initial widget in my inventory I'll get all 65536 widgets in my inventory. Pretty heavy stuff I would say :-D
4) If you get 65536 Widgets as I stated in 3) then you can pick up any reasonable count from inventory by holding Shift + left-click.
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