Lantern refill + script error

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Lantern refill + script error

Post by fire_lizard »

Hi everyone,

I have two more questions regarding the game

First question: how do i refill Lantern? I used cotton wix and lamp oil and lantern in alchemy mixer and everything was ok in previous versions of the game, but now I try to do the same (with Alchemy = 4) but got explosion and empty lantern. Should I refill it other way now?

And second question: in Castle by the Sea, there is lever closest to entrance when I try to hit I get "Script error" and nothing happens. What it supposed to do. Will it affect the plot of the game?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Lantern refill + script error

Post by Calathon »

I cannot say anything about the lantern refill because I only use torches.

But the script error occured several times at different locations and always when I used the lever before and then attacked it.
Maybe you cannot attack it but have to use it instead or you used it before and it will not move again. In either case it does not seem to affect the plot, at least I did not encounter any door or portcullis that was supposed to open but kept closed.
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