Quest List (SPOILERS)

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Quest List (SPOILERS)

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Main Quest List

Sealed Note 1 - See Maddox in Aridell - 300 XP, sealed note 2, 300 gold
Sealed Note 2 - Go to Eversleeping Cemetery to get amulet from Adler Keldam's casket - 500 XP, Strange Amulet, skull
Take Strange Amulet to Lilith at the heart of Tangletree - 400 XP
Use Strange amulet as key 26 in Underground Repository,- 500 XP, Crux of Ages, sealed note 3
Sealed Note 3 - Go help your brother in Vela - 500 XP
Go to Erubor in Shadowmirk - 2000 XP
Erubor - 3 part quest
Goblin key from Giant named Omar - 5000 XP
Get 4 goblin keys and enter the Goblin Citadel 2500 XP
Recover the Crux of Ages and return it to the Bastion Spire using the portal in the Goblin Citadel - 5000 XP

Optional Quests

Father Michael - Deliver potion of Absolute Restoration to sick man in the Eastern Salt Coast - 300 XP
Garrett - Sextant in Salted Coast - 300 XP and now can train up to 5 levels in Cartography
Farwick - Mithril bar in wine cellar of Elderhollow - 300 XP, 375 gold
Abygale - Get book, "Secrets of Transference Circuits" in Eversleeping Cemetery - 300 XP and 250 gold, and can demand an extra 50 gold

Eastern Salted Coast
Paul - Incriminating Letter to Captain in Darkford - 400 XP, and can demand and extra 50 gold from Captain Morgan

North Parish
Leurik - Remove salamanders from basement - 150 XP, crypt key for 9 salamanders killed

- Find husband, Bradon, or inscribed ring - 300 XP
- Location to weapon in Tangletree and key to slider lock - 200 XP, Mithril long sword

Philip - Kill all fungal slimes in Marshes of Boradan area - 500 XP, 300 gold
Erik - Carry 70 pound smelting crucible to Gunther in Blackwater - 1000 XP, 600 gold
Krista - Retrieve locket from brother's room in Grimmhold using Rusted key - 500 XP, 200 gold

Northern Tangletree Forest
Oolaseph - Go to oasis in northern Crakamir and retrieve vial of Purest Water - 1000 XP and combination for slider lock in Tangletree Ossuary (or, alternatively, can drink the Purest Water for 2 extra Skill Points upon the next Level-Up)
Tomb of Lorus of Eastleaf has bow with slider lock - 1500 XP, Recurved composite greatbow, skull

Lilith - Kill the Hive Queen and return with her stinger - 500 XP, Hive Queen

Whistling Cave
Gruzz (goblin) if don't attack - Tells of powerful Bludgeoning weapon in locked box in Goblin Citadel - 400 XP, Skullsplitter

Dying knight - Make Grimmhold passable - 400 XP

Shady Character- Kill Lilith and return with her amulet - 1500 XP, 500 gold
William - Evidence that mercenaries are trying to assassinate him - 400 XP, 300 gold
Gunther - Recover Divine Ore - 1000 XP, 500 gold
Vekkar - Recover acorn of the "Burley(sic) Oak" - 500 XP, 300 gold

Northern Crakamir
Letter to Penelope - option for quest to deliver it to Penelope in Blackwater - 500 XP, 10 gold

Omar - Retrieve giant chieftan's skull from Camp Thorndike to get goblin key - 1000 XP
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Re: Quest List (SPOILERS)

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All I know about first hand so far is the Great Cleave. I can hit up to 3 creatures at once and each one is rolled for. They have to be right beside each other though. I like it a lot. Makes me smile each time.
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