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Re: Exception_Access_Violation - On Starting Game

Posted: November 26th, 2014, 2:21 pm
by jackgouber
BasiliskWrangler wrote:
jackgouber wrote:
Prismatic Maelstrom wrote:Did you try what was posted?
did you read what i posted?

I'll repeat what i said in retard language, that file doesn't exist on my computer, there is no appdata folder after users, on my computer, only folder and public.
Sorry, I should have mentioned: AppData is a hidden folder. You need to select "Show Hidden Files/Folders" for it to be visible.
thank you, for actually helping, i have never saved a game, i bought the game, started it when it downloaded, and then tried to run it again a couple weeks later and it has done this ever since. I did however have to delete some folder that steam said to delete in order to get rome II to stop crashing, maybe it's related to deleting that folder??, I am not a programer, I have written programs, in basic language, in the 80;s on a comodore, but I have no clue how programs work nowadays.