Can't complete game

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Can't complete game

Post by Flandarg »

Macbook Pro here running 10.11.1. Bought game way back early 2014, had to set aside for a year or so, then finally completed a game this past summer. Great, but then three games in succession could get no further than the very end, when the four number code refused to unlock the final gate. Numerous tries each time, to no avail. No mention of this in any of the bug reports I have managed to find, so any ideas? I can't install an updated version, because the original unlocking code went missing. :cry:
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Re: Can't complete game

Post by SpottedShroom »

Huh, that's a new one. BW should be able to re-send you your original unlock code if you want to update. Also, could you post a saved game that's affected by the problem? Click the text at the very bottom of the "New Game" screen to see where your saved games are stored.
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