Basilisk Games Releases Eschalon: Book III Teaser Trailer

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Basilisk Games Releases Eschalon: Book III Teaser Trailer

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Basilisk Games Announces the release of the "Eschalon: Book III" Teaser Trailer

Indianapolis, IN - August 17, 2013 - Basilisk Games, Inc. today released the official teaser trailer for their upcoming role-playing game, Eschalon: Book III.

A link to the YouTube video is here: ... 1IMUtNG4tA

For a copy of the video file that can be hosted on an alternative web site, please contact

About Eschalon: Book III

Eschalon: Book III is the final game in the award-winning Eschalon RPG series, following Book I's release in 2007 and Book II's release in 2010. The Eschalon RPG series features sprawling, open-ended game worlds and almost unlimited character development options. Book III brings the series to a climatic end as you seek to uncover the mystery of four powerful gemstones and your clouded past. Eschalon: Book III is scheduled to be released this 2013 Holiday Season.

About Basilisk Games

Founded in 2005, Basilisk Games is an independent game developer located just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. The company's mission is to produce compelling old-school computer role-playing games for gamers who still remember what great computer RPGs used to be about: "Single-player. Turn-based. Stat heavy. Story driven." Visit Basilisk Games online at:

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