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Registration Code?

Post by agnari »

purchased and installed E3 for GoG middle of last week while this web site was down. been running fine till the moment I noticed this web site was up again and there was a patch.

downloaded what I thought was a patch to 1.05?? and installed not at startup it wants me to enter or purchase a code or play the demo.

what is UP?

just returned from the download link. 1.05 was actually the version for E2, and I NOW notice that there is actually NO indication of a 'patch' but in fact the entire game.

so what now to get back running, my latest save game is outside the 'demo' area.

FYI, rerunning the GOG downloaded install does permit starting the game at latest save without the Code window pop-up.

HOWEVER, since I may have management's attention. One thing to consider on the next game A mention to turn off the music/sound effects at the main window. that can be annoying as I have several computers available and will save and exit to the main menu when I want to take a break. even if I alt-tab to windows and leave E3's running the noise is annoying
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