Dual monitors as Split SCREEN abort

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Dual monitors as Split SCREEN abort

Post by donmath »

Just loaded the Demo...
Fedora 17, 4Core, with split screen 2 at 1920 x 1080 (16:19) giving --> 1920 (High) X 2160 (wide)

via terminal lauvch gives...

[root@ws1 eschalon_book_3_100_linux_bg]# ./eschalon_book_3
Unable to calculate tex size
SweetHome3d gives another take on this...
AT Launch of SweetHome3D...
If the Linux Terminal is in the Left Monitor -----> CRASH
if the Linux Terminal is in the Right Monitor ----> Works Great... Modify, file Save, Reload all work well....#
OpenOficeOrg ... never a problem...
Thunderbird... never a problem...
FireFox.. never a problem

I have NOT been able to Run ESCHALON BOOK II reliably either...
Book2 loads, runs like a dog, then crashes after about 3 minutes.. (I have to use Windowed Mode)

any advice on tweeks to the Screen Driver (Fedora) that might help?
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Re: Dual monitors as Split SCREEN abort

Post by SpottedShroom »

Looks like a Blitzmax bug detecting screen resolution on dual-monitor X11. See for example:


Of course, there's no resolution option in Book III's config file, so the solution there won't work. I'll add this to the bugs thread.
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