Over a YEAR since our last update??

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Where has the time gone?

Yes, we are still here doing our thing: making games! If you’ve followed us over the past year, you’ll know that we’ve been working on a sci-fi RPG but decided to change the engine on it after 18+ months of work. I don’t want to repeat myself, but sometimes a game’s design just doesn’t work out and a hard reset is needed. The project is still actively being worked on.

So really, at this point, we actually have three major projects that we’ve been developing for a few years. Only one of our these projects is a true role-playing game, which I feel reflects our desire to not just be considered an exclusive RPG developer. I really can’t say which one of these projects might reach beta stage first, which is generally when I feel comfortable announcing them. We jumped the gun on the Zodiac project a couple years ago (and yes, Zodiac is still one of the projects in development).

Later in 2019 we should have a website redesign, and our accountant would very much like to see us announce a game this year, so…we’ll see. Until then, game on!

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  1. Nick
    | Reply

    Good to hear things are going well. With all the tumultuous gaming news these days it’s almost quaint for a developer to just quietly keep working, not making a huge fuss until it’s time to actually announce something.

    Speaking of the accountant joke though, it’s also good to see you’re still in business, what with the games industry being as up and down as it is. I’d almost joke that Epic is helping to keep things afloat in return for an exclusivity deal, but that’s a overused joke these days. 🙂

  2. zanza
    | Reply

    I check in dutifully every month and Im very happy to see an update. I think any genre of game you make will be worth the wait. Yes I shall game on until then.

  3. Fade
    | Reply

    Would be nice with some more continious updates, just to know you’re still alive. 🙂 The Eschalon Series was really great, and have been waiting on your next release ever since book 3. Take your time, just a hint now and then so your fans know you’re still there 🙂

    • Basilisk Games
      | Reply

      Thanks for the kind words! It’s been a long road to developing our next game, from changing game engines several times to just figuring out what kind of game we want to make! Thanks for checking it, and we’ll try to stay in touch with fans more frequently.

  4. Charlie
    | Reply

    Wow, so excited!! Always check back for updates, and am so glad to hear you’re still going! Started with book 1 demo years ago when I was twelve, and have loved it ever since. Eschalon will always have a special place close to my heart <3

  5. Jeff Lewis
    | Reply

    Hello! Just checking in to see how you guys are doing! Its great to hear the latest update and to see your still plowing away. The Eschalon series was a true masterpiece and a very powerful inspiration for all of us Blitzmax users!

    If you wouldn’t mind letting us know what engines have you used and what is your latest choice for the future titles your working on?

    Thanks for the update and info!

    • Basilisk Games
      | Reply

      Hey Jeff! We’ve moved on to Unity for all our future projects! BlitzMax was awesome in it’s time, and I do miss it. But Unity is a perfect upgrade, and C# feels a lot like BlitzMax.

      • Jeff Lewis
        | Reply

        Lol that is Awesome!
        As a fellow Blitzmax developer, I also embraced Unity, absolutely love it.

        I hope things go well for you and your team and really look forward to your new releases!!

        Stay strong and keep plowin!!

  6. Bry
    | Reply

    Boy it’s been a while since I checked the updates on this site. I’m so glad to hear things are moving along steadily! Eschalon is one of my favorite series, mostly because it harkens back to all the things I love from the old days and brings it up to date. The sense of mystery and adventure was incredible! Thanks for all the hours of gaming pleasure and looking forward to your next projects!

  7. Stephan Stecyk
    | Reply

    I replay Eschalon Book 1 right now and I love it. There is something very special about these games. I think it’s the atmosphere. In my opinion Eschalon deserves much more attention and it doesn’t feel like an indie RPG because it’s too well done. I never finished Book 2 and 3 but I intend to play them after I replayed the first one. Book 1 in my opinion is almost perfect. All I want to say is thank you to the developer to give us the Eschalon games. I really want to know how the new sience fiction RPG is like, sounds really promising.

  8. Tom Anderson
    | Reply

    Whoa cool BasliskGames! Best of wishes to the new Sci-Fi Game you’re working on!!! Thanks for Eschalon book 1-3!

  9. Dmitry
    | Reply

    Wow! You are rock! I believe reset was a hard decision, but we totally with you and will w8 for next game no matter for how long! Love your work guys!

  10. Malkavian
    | Reply

    One of the best series in gaming industry so far. Really under rated.

  11. pepo
    | Reply

    I remember loving Eschalon Book I in my teenage years, even though I am not very good at it at all. Now that it’s gone free, I think I will have to play it again.

    Developing stuff seemed to be somewhat rough, but good luck and don’t forget to take a rest, too!

  12. Ryan Sandria
    | Reply

    Helo… I miss you, I first play Eschalon in 2009 it gives me the inspiration to be Game Developers.
    and now I join Lentera Nusantara Studio in My country Indonesia since 2017… Thank you Basilisk Games…. I will always be your fans.

  13. LordKeen
    | Reply

    Loved the Eschalon games. I would definately buy any sequel to them, or even a scifi game with similar gameplay, even If it would cost 50 euros.

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