Warning: Book III is challenging!

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This is a public service announcement from Basilisk Games.

Eschalon: Book III is a very challenging game, especially the first time through. If you are the type of person who, in real life, likes to explore abandoned factories with weak floors and crumbling ceilings, then Book III might be right for you. If you enjoy receiving puzzles that your very life depends on solving, or perhaps swimming in shark-infested waters with meat strapped to your legs sounds like a thrilling afternoon, then you might have fun playing Book III. If you always chose “dare” instead of “truth”, or if you are one of those people who does things your own way because your boss is an idiot, then you’ll enjoy Book III.

However, if your idea of a good time is snuggling up with a safe choose-your-own-adventure book and a hot mug of cocoa, then email us and we’ll direct you to a few mainstream RPGs that are more your speed.


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  1. AerisKing
    | Reply

    You guys are nuts. Looking forward to this challenge!

  2. Prfct
    | Reply

    Good to know! Hey, I tried to register a username in your forum a long time ago and couldn’t… my request was awaiting confirmation forever, is that normal? 🙂 cosaspasansiempre at hotmail dot com is my email 😀

  3. sneekysneek
    | Reply


  4. Tombo
    | Reply

    I read the warning. BUt still going to get the Book III demo when it comes out. LOL!

  5. Prismatic Maelstrom
    | Reply

    So combat will be challenging? Hard? Will I find anything else hard while playing Book III?

  6. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    @Prismatic – It seems the biggest degree of difficulty comes from the fact that we allow players to just explore on their own. We may say “you need object X to proceed” and that object exists somewhere in the world, but we don’t guide players to it. Only through exploration, curiosity and a bit of bravery will you be successful at Book 3.

  7. tutri
    | Reply

    “we don’t guide players” = bliss! Tomorrow is the day..can’t wait!

  8. Tibun
    | Reply

    Its old school ultima like graphic, its rpg rules like in daggerfall – good’ol 90s, what else a true, old school player can wish for:D

  9. Janusz11
    | Reply

    Yeah, well, I’ll buy the game anyway! 😀

  10. jeffrey
    | Reply

    So started it made it to the cabin in the woods got stuck with the walking bones down there, made new guy and now stuck just outside the walking bones cabin….. I LOVE THIS GAME! Not joking much harder than the last two!

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