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Possible bugs and suggestions list

Posted: May 22nd, 2010, 7:45 am
by dragonslayer
Some of them i might have posted already, but i think put them all together might make it easier to find and read.

Possible Bugs:
1. If you kill enemy with a bow enchanted with magick damage, and the enemy right die with the magic damage on the bow. it is not counted as enemy killed by bow, thus might make the The True Ranger Challenge fail.
enemy with 17 hp left, you shoot him with damage roll 15, plus 3 magic damage, enemy dies, do not count as killed by bow.
but if enemy only have 15 or less hp left in above case, it will be counted correctly as killed by bow.

2. If you do not detect the trap in the chest, and try to pick lock it, the trap will be triggered, but The True Thief challenge will not fail.

3. Intelligence do not help the pick lock skill as description said, only dex do, one of the description or the caculation should be wrong.

4. magick user mana gain per level is based on wisdom/10 + perception/5, which should be intelligence/10 + perception/5, the healer also have the same bug.

1. hunger or thirst only have minor effect now and can be ignored, making food and water no that useful, maybe you can change it like this:
when you become hunger, you get starve which -1 hp after 30 rounds, if you don't remove the starve after 30 rounds, next time it will be -2 hp, and next is -3 hp, -4 hp, -5 hp .... or make it even worse for high level character to like -1% hp, -2% hp, -3% hp, when it reach -100% hp, you will certainly die no matter how powerful you are. Eat anything will reset the count to zero and next time starve will start from -1 again. Thirst is like like hunger just updates every 20 rounds instead.

This is much like what happens in real life, you will become more and more hunger if have nothing to eat, and willl surely die if you starve long time enough. :mrgreen:

Re: Possible bugs and suggestions list

Posted: May 23rd, 2010, 1:17 am
by BasiliskWrangler
#1) This is a tough one to fix! The way the attack round finishes and magick damage is applied, there is no easy way for me to pass this magick damage off as "arrow damage". I am going to hold off trying to fix this for 1.03.

#2) Fixed.

#3) Description should be changed. Where does it say Intelligence helps with Lock Picking?

#4) Fixed. Also fixed another bug that probably has been altering MP and HP gains each level. We'll see if anyone notices this in 1.03 (final).

Hunger ideas: I like them a lot. I'll put this back for 1.04 update since it is not a bug, and bugs are all I am focusing on for 1.03.

Re: Possible bugs and suggestions list

Posted: May 23rd, 2010, 4:06 am
by KillingMoon
BasiliskWrangler wrote:#3) Description should be changed. Where does it say Intelligence helps with Lock Picking?
Skill description from setup: 'The Pick Locks Skill is the ability to utilize lock picks to release locks on doors and chests. Intelligence and Dexterity complement this skill'.
BasiliskWrangler wrote:Hunger ideas: I like them a lot.
Yes, the progressiveness is the trick that'll do it. I think it's brilliant!

Re: Possible bugs and suggestions list

Posted: May 23rd, 2010, 10:42 pm
by dragonslayer
wow, lighting speed it is, one more better things for Indie games.

for #3), skullduggery skill also have the same problem, it is in character editor during creation or level up, which says Concentration and Dexterity complement this skill. but actually only Concentration helps it, i guess this is also description problem, which might misleading new players.

One more bug i did remember:
When you are around Durnore Region or Hellice Lake with snow weather, if you use portal to move to other maps like port kuudad, the weather isn't updated and it is still snowing(but no more freezing damage from it). not sure about quick travel as i never used that for the Journeymaster challenge.

Yes, the hunger idea is not a bug just a feature suggestion, you might also want to add some debuff when you are in hunger or thirst together with the periodly hp reduction. e.g: a weakness debuff -20% to all attributes or something like that. the main goal is to make player actually need to concern and take care of the food and water when the rule is on, also making foraging skill more useful.

Here are a few more feature suggestions i think, some might need major work and might not easy to include in a patch, but it is still nice to see those features even in Book3.

1. Make automap to be able to zoom and move.
There are some large maps in book2 now, for those maps, the automap can't display the whole map. you need your character walk around to make the automap move and show rest of them.
e.g: four small arrows in four directions in the automap area to move the map around or auto move if you move mouse to the edge of the automap area, and two clickable magnifiers in the corner to zoom in and out the map.
This will give better playing experience during automap viewing even if only the movable automap are implemented.

2. Cache the map for faster loading.
I usually need about 10 seconds to load a game or move to a new map. for large map like port kuudad, the loading time is around 15 seconds, for small map like Picaroon Isle it is around 5 seconds.
Since we usually have 1-2Gb or more memory now, and the game only use around 200Mb memory while running.i would like to see the game to use more memory for faster loading.
Idea are like:
when you are in map 1 as below:

Code: Select all

2 - 1 - 3
Also load and cache those static map data for map 2, 3, 4, 5 in background. so you can get much faster loading when moving into a new map. or make it smarter, only cache the map connected to it when you are just a few steps from the map edge. only cache map 2 when you are near west edge, or map 2 and 4 when you move to the northwest corner.

For those maps with caves, castles which are in middle of the map, also cache them like above, a map only have 2-4 other maps connected to it usually, so it won't take very much memory.

For map 1 itself, also make a copy of its static map data in memory while you are in it, most of the time when we do a load during play, we are loading the save from same map. so this cache will make the reload speed faster too, also don't need destroy the cache immediately when you leave the map, when you move from map 1 to map 2, you are loaded at the edge of map 1 and map 2 so map 1 cache is still good if you move back to map 1 again. only destroy the cache for those not directly connected the map you are currently in or limit the maxmium number of the map cache depend on the memory usage.

Loading and caching the map in background might make the game running slower, It will be also nice to have an option to disable the map caching for those have slower PC or PC without enough memory.

The loading speed for the game is acceptable currectly,but if you can make the loading even faster, less wait = better experience and more time to enjoy the game which is always welcome.

Great game it is already, but we can make it even better, thanks. :)

Re: Possible bugs and suggestions list

Posted: May 24th, 2010, 1:20 am
by dragonslayer
Bug #5:
Items that add medicine skill do not increase the toxin and disease resistence as medicine skill do.
you have 1 point in medicine, equip blessed rope belt of the healer with +2 medicine skill (which is also the only belt without armor and won't make the untouchable challenge fail), your toxin and disease resistence won't increase, but if you raise medicine skill to 3 from skill point and do not wear the belt, you will get +2% to toxin and disease resistence.

The medicine skill from the item is shown correctly in skill list, also, the effect of the increased health regen from medicine skill added by the belt is working correctly.

Re: Possible bugs and suggestions list

Posted: May 24th, 2010, 3:41 am
by dragonslayer
Bug #6:
If you drop any alchemy recipe, it will be shown as raven's heart as image while flying outside your inventory.

Re: Possible bugs and suggestions list

Posted: May 24th, 2010, 3:10 pm
by androidlover3000


Bug #7:

It appears there's a bug in Port Kuudad. When I land on an explosion trap in one of the main rooms (after I went through the "alternate" entrance to Port Kuudad) then the game crashes with an "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" error specifically and then I end up with the Windows desktop again. If this can be fixed in a future patch, please do (maybe 1.04). Thanks!


Re: Possible bugs and suggestions list

Posted: May 25th, 2010, 2:29 am
by dragonslayer
Bug #8:
Cursing by the attack of dwarven spirit won't make the challenge The Immaculate fail.

Re: Possible bugs and suggestions list

Posted: May 25th, 2010, 4:25 am
by dragonslayer
Suggestion #4:
In final score page, there can be 4 lines of challenges met in one game, making the last line overlap with the "difficulty modifier" line, it will be good to move the difficulty modifier line down a bit to make enough space.

The post ... 3&start=15 have screenshot for it.