red goblin key went missing O.o

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red goblin key went missing O.o

Post by darksis » July 31st, 2008, 9:11 pm

Okay, so now I'm standing in front of the obelisk in the goblin citadell and definately had all 4 keys (I know for sure because I named their colors to hubby just a few hours ago, who still was missing 2) and now the red key is missing.
I did not drop it into any chest or barrel or something and I did for SURE did not drop it just ingame... It just disappeared while I turned my eyes away for a few from my inventory. Since I doubt it is just astray and will come back eventually, and since I checked all my save games and in ALL of them it is gone, what am I to do now? Is there ANY way to do SOMETHING so I can go on and finish the game? Or will I just have to start over all again? :(
Any help would be highly appreciated... Thanks in advance

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Re: red goblin key went missing O.o

Post by Dragonlady » August 1st, 2008, 4:03 pm

Spoiler alert!





No, you don't have to start over, go back to shadowmirk and look in the arch mages' chest (if you got a key from him by talking) or ifyou swiped it from the chest in the first place, go talk to him.

you just have to have 4 keys, at this point it doesn't matter what colors you have.
Also, if there isn't a key there..sigh, then you will have to start over or go back to a save before you got some of the keys.
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Re: red goblin key went missing O.o

Post by Ixnatifual » May 20th, 2011, 7:23 am

I had the same problem. Turns out I forgot to loot the chest containing the key in the Giants' Village. I made a portal, left to retrieve the key and teleported back.

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Re: red goblin key went missing O.o

Post by Vroqren » May 20th, 2011, 9:04 pm

As stated in a few topics I've read before, I believe it is possible to follow these steps to get another green key -
1. Save your game anywhere except Shadowmirk.
2. Go into the maps folder for Eschalon Book I.
3. Delete the Shadowmirk map's file.
4. Go back to Shadowmirk, and it will reload.
5. Work your way back to the top, for a second Green Goblin Key.
6. As stated before, by Dragonlady, you just need 4 Goblin Keys, the colors do not matter.
7. You now have 4 keys to use.

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