The Drunken Lizard Pub Rules

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The Drunken Lizard Pub Rules

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Welcome to The Drunken Lizard Pub. This is a FREE SPEECH zone, however, due to recent events we have come up with a few ground rules:

The Drunken Lizard Pub Rules - Version 1.05

[1] No links to porn or the posting of pornographic material will be tolerated. The internet is full of adult web sites, so go somewhere else to trade links and share your pictures.

[2] No links to pirated software will be tolerated. We are a commercial game website and as such we will not tolerate the posting of illegal download links to our game or any other commercial game or application. Also, any discussion on hacking or reverse engineering our games is not acceptable as it violates the software agreement terms.

[3] Talking of pirated software is your free right, however unless you are going to denounce it you are likely to stir up a bunch of trouble. Most people here are honest gamers and they realize that only through customer support (i.e. properly purchasing the software) will a company be able to continue. If you are here just to stir up trouble, read rule #4.

[4] Trolls will not be tolerated. If you've come just to insult others, cause a bunch of chaos or just be rude, you will most likely get banned. We have hundreds of regular visitors who come here to talk about RPGs and they don't need their time wasted by bored juvenile delinquents.

[5] The use of "foul language" is fine (we are a free speech board, as noted above). However, remember that we have people from all age groups and moral standards here. What you think is acceptable language may not be what others find acceptable, so please be considerate. On that note, if you are easily offended by foul language, remember that we can't just ban everyone who uses language you don't agree with, so please respect other people's right to free speech.

[6] However, we have zero tolerance for the use of racial slurs, hate speech, or language that might be considered disparaging to people based on their gender, nationality, sexual orientation or even political stance. This is about keeping these forums enjoyable for everyone.

[7] We have the right to selectively lock or delete any post we want. This is a power we pledge to wield prudently; however, any post that violates any of the above rules is subject to lock or deletion. Occasionally we will also prune old topics in order to keep the forums clutter-free, fast and easily searchable. This benefits everyone. So, if you discover your post count has suddenly changed, it is probably because we performed a "maintenance pruning" and trashed a few obsolete topics that you may have contributed to.
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