Cheats? [Potential spoilers]

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Re: Cheats? [Potential spoilers]

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I don't know if you'd count this as cheating but after playing the game a 10th time through to find the best charchter choice, I tackled the crucible quest. I don't know if you noticed this but if you hold an item in your cursor and click a quick travel the item stays in the cursor. I used this for the the "crucible quest", and before picking it up I made my way to black water, then went back put in the cursor hand and quick traveld with it, then you can travel by pressing the W for continuous walk, go to Blacksmith dude, put the dense weight in your pack and then click on dude and givethe beast to him , it was so simple.

Also you can sleep in Shadowmirk tower(first floor entrence) without ever being disturbed, I did this to pass time while wating for the shops to refill with stuff.
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