About Basilisk Games

Basilisk Games is an independent game development studio founded in 2005. Our first release was the sprawling, isometric role-playing game Eschalon: Book I (2007), which was followed by its sequels Eschalon: Book II (2010) and Eschalon: Book III (2014).

Since finishing the Eschalon Trilogy, we’ve began experimenting with other genres of games, as well as third-party design and development, and working with emerging technologies such as the HTC Vive. Our next role-playing game is in the works right now, and more information about it will be available soon.

We are gamers, just like you. Our mission is to make engaging, DRM-free games that are available on the platform of your choice. We think that you should be able to play your games without a required internet connection and that when you buy a game, it’s really yours. Also, we don’t believe pay-to-win, loot boxes or paid DLC of any kind, although we do occasionally update our games with new content, free of charge, as a thank you to our customers.

Our headquarters are located in a secret bunker just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. Basilisk Games’ founder & Head Hancho is Thomas Riegsecker, and we collaborate with artists and musicians worldwide to build our dreams.

Send us an email via the form to the right. Press Releases can be found here, and social links are at the top of this page.