A donate button on a commercial website?

Over the years we have had hundreds of people offer to contribute to our projects through donations of their time, their skills, and their money. Without a donation button in the past, people have often “donated” by buying multiple copies of our games. Unfortunately, this means sharing more of the money with our payment processor and also the donator having to possibly pay taxes depending on their location. Others have sent us personal checks through the mail which is neither secure nor convenient.

We use donations to directly fund whatever game we are currently working on. When the donation amount grows to a point where it can be used for something, we will announce what we’ve bought with it so that you know what your money has gone towards. Donations will never be used for anything but production expenses.

If you choose to donate, THANK YOU! Independent game development is a tough field to succeed in and your donation shows us that you appreciate what we’re doing.