A quick Book III update

With summer drawing to an end, we’ve gotten a lot of messages asking when Book III will be released. We apologize for not doing a Book III progress update sooner.

We just finished testing “Alpha 1″ and are fixing the problems that were uncovered during that session. We’ll be testing “Alpha 2″ October, with semi-public Beta testing in November.

Right now, Book III is scheduled to be released before the end of 2013. Our confidence is high that we will meet this goal. We should be able to drop an accurate release date when Beta testing begins.

Posted: September 21st, 2013 under News.

3 Responses to “A quick Book III update”

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks, this will be a day one buy for me, can’t wait!

  2. Looking good.
    But don’t rush, better to wait a bit for quality and proper QA testing.
    Good luck! :)

  3. Potencia says:

    I am looking forward to this. Can hardly wait. I would love to beta test it too. :-)

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