Looking for advice on game development?

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We posted a small article on our Facebook page giving our advice to people looking to get into game development. It’s short and to-the-point, but it’s what we tell everyone who asks us. http://www.facebook.com/BasiliskGames

Sale over, new prices

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Our Mega Sale has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word and/or bought our games. Even though the sale has ended, our prices have not returned to their previous rate. Both our games have a … Read More

2013 Mega Sale!

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We received quite a few emails from people upset that we missed Steam’s annual Holiday Sale. Sorry about that- we just didn’t get the information to them in time. To make up for it, we are having a 4-day sale here … Read More

Email Maintenance

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We’ve done some reconfiguring of our email services, and a few people have reported errors. If you are waiting on a response from us, please resend any email that we have not responded to. If you get a delivery error back, let … Read More

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