Forums crash

Our forums (the beloved Drunken Lizard Pub) are down. We updated the forum software, ran into some problems, fidgeted with some code… and now it’s a big pile of broken. Last backup was 24 hours ago, so we shouldn’t lose a bunch of posts unless we run into a problem with that.

We will need to reinstall and restore everything. Could take a couple days to get it back to normal. In the mean time, follow our Twitter feed or visit our Facebook page. We’ll also keep you up-to-date right here.

Posted: July 25th, 2013 under News.

15 Responses to “Forums crash”

  1. Blatherbeard says:

    You do what you have to do big guy. We will be awaiting with baited breath.

    But now you owe us a new screen shot of III ;)

  2. Lord_P says:

    I agree with Blatherbeard.

  3. Lhoric says:

    Thanks for the update. Hope your backup has a backup if needed. Good luck with all that. Been there, done that. And +1, let’s see some Book III teasers!! And email me if you need help with Alpha testing – Been there, done that too.

  4. Blatherbeard says:

    Alpha, beta gamma whatever! ill help too!!!


  5. Anonymous says:


  6. deathknight says:

    You can take your time. There’s plenty of Book 1 and 2 still to play. I’d rather the game be finished and awesome than rushed and not. Avadon 2 is out in a few months, more than enough time before Book 3 ;)

  7. Prismatic Maelstrom says:

    I was going to post something sarcastic about this whole situation but last time it went over your head Thomas. <_o

    I miss the forums.

  8. I missed them too. Still waiting on a database restoration from Go Daddy.

  9. Kreador Freeaxe says:

    So for now it’s still GoneDaddy?

  10. @Kreador – Yep. As soon as they restore a database (I’ve requested 7-22-13) we should be able to connect to that and bring up the forums. We were told 7-10 days, and it looks like they are going to use that full time allowance.

    We will probably switch to new forum software too, though I don’t know how they handle the transfer of user accounts, ranks, avatars, etc. So until we know for sure, we’ll probably stay with phpBB.

  11. zbonek says:

    It’s simple.
    There will be no support for Russian language.

  12. Lord_P says:

    @zbonek – What has that to do with the forums crash?

  13. whitepony says:

    “zbonek says:
    August 1, 2013 at 2:54 pm
    It’s simple.
    There will be no support for Russian language.” seems kinda offtop..How does it have to deal with the whole situation?

  14. Prismatic Maelstrom says:

    Oh shut up zbonek you ignorant f*** and take your s*** elsewhere.

  15. Gotrek says:

    odd – there is no button to sign up for a login on the new forums so I cannot post, cannot search topics etc…. very frustrating.

    PS – running a macbook pro latest OS.

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