Forums crash

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Our forums (the beloved Drunken Lizard Pub) are down. We updated the forum software, ran into some problems, fidgeted with some code… and now it’s a big pile of broken. Last backup was 24 hours ago, so we shouldn’t lose … Read More

GameBanshee on Eschalon: Book I

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GameBanshee has a new wiki-type page for Eschalon: Book I. It looks to be incredibly detailed, with all the information that you will need to get the most out of the game, including a full walk-through. They say a Book … Read More

French Translation of Book II

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User madeba has translated all of Book II’s text files in French. Follow the link below, and the instructions inside of Book II’s readme.txt file, to activate the language pack. Unfortunately, this doesn’t update the text of the graphic menus, but … Read More

PC Gamer: “The Best Games of 2013”

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We must have missed this one when it first came out: Infamous PC Gamer magazine lists Eschalon: Book III as one of their “Best PC games s of 2013“. Thanks for the nod, PC Gamer!

We’re back!

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We had a bit of downtime due to Spring Break. We’re back and getting caught up on emails. Give us a few days if you are waiting on a response.

Looking for advice on game development?

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We posted a small article on our Facebook page giving our advice to people looking to get into game development. It’s short and to-the-point, but it’s what we tell everyone who asks us.

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