More great Book II Reviews!

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Finnish print magazine Pelit has finished their review of Eschalon: Book II in their current issue, giving the game a strong 86/100.

UPDATE: We have been told that Pelit magazine has given Eschalon: Book II its “Pelit Recommends” label- their version of an Editor’s Choice nod. Thanks Pelit!

Also, popular French gaming magazine Canard PC has reviewed Book II in their current issue and rated it 8/10. Here is the cover of their current issue:

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DVD Update

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It looks like the DVDs will be finished next Monday, June 7th. The moment the discs arrive at the studio, we will start packing them up and sending them out in the order they were purchased.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

Eschalon: Book II Now Available for Mac & Linux!

Eschalon: Book II has just been released for Macintosh and Linux computers!

Read the full press release here: Press Release

Grab a copy of the demo from the downloads link on your left. More mirrors will be posted throughout the day as they come online. Also notice that the Windows version has been officially updated to 1.03 to match the Mac and Linux release versions, so grab a copy of that while you’re there!

Get yourself a Registration Code through the Purchase Games link to unlock the full version.

Where is my DVD?!

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We’ve had a few people email us asking when their DVD would arrive, and it occurred to us that we may not have been very clear regarding shipping dates for the Eschalon: Book II DVDs. Since the DVD contains all three versions of the game, we can’t begin the duplication process until early next week when the Mac and Linux versions are finalized.

As soon as the discs begin duplication, it will be 7-10 days before we can start sending the first batch out.

Anyone who purchased a DVD thinking they would get the Mac or Linux version early, we apologize for the delay. These versions will be ready to download next week and you can begin to play then. The DVDs should start arriving shortly thereafter.

Eschalon: Book II 1.02 Update!

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Based on a great deal of feedback, we are happy to announce the availability of Eschalon: Book II version 1.02. It is a recommended update for everyone since there are a few notable bug fixes, however since there have been no “game breaking” bugs reported, this update is optional.

Here are the release notes, if you are interested: Version 1.02 Release Notes

You can get the latest version from the downloads section. The best way to update is to uninstall the old version (your current saved games will remain) and then install this new version.

More download links will be posted as the file is mirrored!

Gear Diary: First Impressions of Book II

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Reviewer Michael Anderson has posted a positive “First Impression” of his experience with Eschalon: Book II, saying: “One subtle thing I noticed was the incredible polish and sense of maturity in the overall development. Things look, feel and play a bit smoother, I haven’t run into a single bug, mistake, typo or other issue as I’ve been playing. The pacing of the story is much more evenly handled and really grabs you from the start.”

Thanks Michael! For the full article, head here: Gear Diary Article

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