A peek at Eschalon: Book II’s Box Art

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We recently approved the box art for Eschalon: Book II and are pleased to be able to share this picture of what the CD packaging will look like. Behold…

[singlepic id=15 h=320 w=240]

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  1. peabody
    | Reply

    Wowowowow!! That looks really cool! I’m definitely going to be sick with “swine flu” the week you release this!! 😉

  2. Tailpig
    | Reply

    Very professional. Love it.

  3. Ka
    | Reply

    we dont need a box, we nered a download! today! tomorrow!:)
    but serious.. cool stuff,

  4. lmlm
    | Reply

    So will this be distributed to retailers around the US? Or is this going to be a special order option? Will the retail price of the boxed version be more than the digital distribution?

  5. Rune_74
    | Reply

    Wow, lookin good….getting to test mode soon?

  6. OlegSid
    | Reply

    will it be only in еnglish

  7. Robert
    | Reply

    “We recently approved of the box art for Eschalon”
    “We recently approved the box art for Eschalon”

    Ya want and Editor? For a small fee…

  8. Jake Birkett
    | Reply

    Awesome, congrats!

  9. Faithful
    | Reply

    Looks very nice. You know what would be very cool is to have Book I burned on the CD also if you already purchased it. I know it will not happen, but it would be cool none-the-less. :o)

  10. Cody Smith
    | Reply

    You know what would be really nice. Make a scan of the box art insert (and maybe CD label) available for download. I plan on buying the box set for “Book II”, but I was unable to get a Boxed version for Book I. It would be really nice to buy a DVD case for book I and put the two of them on my shelf side-by-side. Something to think about. Heck, maybe even charge a couple of bucks for it. I’d pay. Thanks.

  11. Nevermore
    | Reply

    I need it!!!!!!

  12. duratombo
    | Reply

    I agree with all said here, and I really can’t wait for Book II’s release!!!! Hey Mr. Reigsecker, I really liked the music in Book I by the way, keep it up with Book II!!!!

  13. Polprav
    | Reply

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  14. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    Polprav: yes!

  15. Fariasks
    | Reply


  16. Megeedo the Rodian
    | Reply

    This game needs to be released in time before this Christmas season, because I’ll need a few games to play on that new quad-core iMac I’m gonna buy for myself!

  17. Masa
    | Reply

    I think the box art is extremly boring, I’m sorry. I think the front cover should show more what’s inside. I’d want more action, a scene or two from the game. Though if games like Ultima or Wizardry.. those covers are never very good either.

  18. FB
    | Reply

    I’d like to see both episodes on my shelf (which is heavily RPG-themed), but I live in Hungary, and it is hard to get the packaged editions (or it would be expensive). Which is sad, because Eschalon is far better game, than half of my collection (usually RPGs since 2002).

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