Eschalon: Book I 1.06 Now available

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Eschalon: Book I version 1.06 is now available! This version fixes a few glitches that have been reported by several users. If you haven’t experienced any crashes or glitches, then version 1.06 will offer no noticeable improvements for you.

Here are some important things to know about this new version:

For Mac users: 1.06 is an Intel-processor only build. See our previous update- we are no longer supporting PowerPC-based Macs. If you have a PowerPC Mac, we obviously recommend that you do not upgrade.

For Linux users: 1.06 is compiled with the latest libraries on Ubuntu 10.04. This might make the game incompatible with your system. Consider trying the demo before you request a new download link.

Links for the demo can be found in the downloads section of our website. If you need a new full version, please email us your purchase information (order number works best!) and we can activate a new download link for you.

We are sending these updates out to our distributors (Steam, Direct2Drive, Impulse, etc.) tonight. They will have their versions updated in a few days if you bought your copy through them.

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  1. MaximB
    | Reply

    Hello !

    Where is the changelog so we can know if we should download it ?

  2. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    @MaximB – There is no changelog. The game itself remains unchanged from the previous version. This was considered just a “maintenance release”.

    The only technical difference with 1.06 is that it was recompiled to ensure compatibility with newer Operating Systems, and a small bit of error-catching code was added to eliminate an obscure crash that just a few people were seeing. Other than that, version 1.06 of the game is identical to version 1.05. The demos (which were even more out of date than the game itself) were all recompiled as well. Because of all this “dusting off of the code”, we needed to make a version number adjustment to identify these changes.

  3. Alexander Ring
    | Reply

    How do we install if we have previously purchased the whole game?

  4. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    Send us your purchase information, and we’ll send you a link to download the new version. Uninstall old, reinstall new. Your saved games won’t get deleted.

  5. Davis S.
    | Reply

    Quote: Other than that, version 1.06 of the game is identical to version 1.05.

    Hmm, and I’m not sure why I missed the Big News about version 1.05 being released. In fact, I don’t even see you guys posting any announcements on version 1.05. Did I miss something here? A week or two ago, everyone was still talking about 1.04 being “the current version”.

  6. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    @Davis S. – You might be confusing Book 1 and Book 2.

    Book 1 has been at 1.05 for a very long time. It is now at 1.06.

    Book 2 is currently at 1.04, and will be updated to 1.05 in October.

  7. Davis S.
    | Reply

    DOH!! My mistake! You are right, I got the two games confused, as I have been anticipating the arrival of version 1.05 for Book II (aren’t we all?) Thanks for the clarification.

  8. Ashley
    | Reply

    I have downloaded the latest version (version 1.05). Although the game crashes less, and I can complete the main quest, the game still crashes. The game crashes at the top of the lighthouse (or if not at the top, after the goblins attack at the bottom of the stairs,) the desolate outpost after I try to go out to the coast, the pirates hideout (mitheral bar quest). Any suggestions?

  9. IJBall
    | Reply

    Ashley, if you haven’t already, E-mail .zip files of your Save Games folders for any games at or near those crash points to info _AT_ basiliskgames DOT com. That can help BW track down these kinds of issues…

  10. […] games support their games well and didn’t forget about Book 1; recently they released 1.06 version which is compiled using the latest Ubuntu 10.04 libraries and should work better with newer […]

  11. Eddi P
    | Reply

    Hi, I’m using a Mac powerbook/Inter core duo and my game (book I) crashes, how can I get an unpdate to 1.06? I purchased the game from Mac Games Arcade but I don’t seem to be able to find any confirmation of pruchase though in my mail or on the mac games arcade account, what can I do about it?

    best, Eddi

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