New Book III Screenshot

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We just added a new screenshot for Eschalon: Book III. Jump to the Book III page and scroll down to see it.

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  1. kathleen
    | Reply

    when are yall coming out with book three

  2. Fathamurk86
    | Reply

    The answer to your question kathleen is fairly obvious if you actually clicked the Book III page link…..

  3. Me
    | Reply

    Still fixed resolution? In AD 2013? No way, not this time.

  4. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    @Me – Sorry you are disappointed. You can play it full-screen @ 1024×768 which looks great, or play it in a window at the desktop native resolution. The Eschalon engine is being pushed as far as we can take it for Book III, after which it will be dismantled and thrown out. We will not use any part of it for any other game.

  5. Me
    | Reply

    @”1024×768 which looks great” …maybe 10 years ago. Sorry, but I simply dont care about code, engine, compatibility. Why? Beacuse I pay or, in that case, not pay. Not this time.

  6. MyGreenTea
    | Reply

    I think the Eschalon series is one of the best looking indie RPGs ever. Who cares that it doesn’t have the latest in DX11 shaders or physics, this series is about story, strategy, adventure. Kids like the guy above want GPU melting graphics, but us true gamers want *gameplay* over a million dollar game engine. I am actually sad to hear the Eschalon engine won’t be used again, but I’m sure the next engine will be even better. -MGT

  7. Cpt_John
    | Reply

    I agree with MyGreenTea. Well said, old chap.

  8. Al
    | Reply

    +1 MyGreenTea.
    Most young people prefer “one button” games. Any action – the same button. No brain involves. So, don’t listen those guys.

    There is one thing that can improve game. It’s mod making.
    Basiliskgames, will it happen one day?

    And another thing.
    It would be nice to have this game on different languages. Maybe, it is possible to create tool/mechanism for translation this great game.

  9. MacGamer
    | Reply

    Book III…. take my money already!! Just kidding. Looking forward to playing this on my shiny new iMac!

  10. Sunchild
    | Reply

    Can’t wait for new game have played one and two over in anticipation!

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