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When we haven’t updated the front page for a few weeks, we start getting a regular stream of emails asking for some news. Well, we’ve said in the past when it is quiet here at Basilisk Games it is because we are hard at work, and that has never been truer than now. Book II is looking great and we are getting ready to run through another internal test in January. The release is not that far off! Please keep checking back, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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  1. elveron
    | Reply

    ah- a soothing update to quench this burning need to know when we can continue our quest from book 1. Thanks BW!!

  2. Lucifers crucifixtion
    | Reply

    We demand another update!

  3. Ryan
    | Reply

    I’ll give it April or May of next year. 🙂
    Certainly a slow burning development and whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, we’ll have to wait to see. Hopefully, its a delay much like a Blizzard or a Valve game and therefore will be better than sex!

  4. paul
    | Reply

    i am so waiting for your game. words cant express my feelings about how awesome book 1 was. and book 2 will be.. i know that for sure. you guys have a gift at gamemaking.

  5. Cheryl
    | Reply

    Really BW – this is all your fault for making such an awesome game that you have created a bunch of needy addicts.

  6. nothuman
    | Reply

    Take all the time you want/need. Book I was (and still is) a masterpiece of independant gaming. Book II will make Book I looks miserable, I’m sure of that. 🙂

  7. Faithful
    | Reply

    I normally check daily just to see what is happening, but please take your time and make the game as right as you think it should be! 🙂

  8. hrawko
    | Reply

    I’m pretty anxious about this one too. hopefully sooner than later.

  9. Yotie-o
    | Reply

    As much as I hate waiting, I hate a game rushed out when it isn’t fully ready. Take your time and keep consistent with the great work!… That said, did I mention how much I hate waiting. Lol. Cheers!

  10. JWRickert
    | Reply

    Looking forward to it. Do you need a 60 year old beta tester?

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