We’re back!

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We had a bit of downtime due to Spring Break. We’re back and getting caught up on emails. Give us a few days if you are waiting on a response.

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  1. Kyle
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    I was born in 1988, I grew up playing Crono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3, Super Mario RPG, Baldurs Gate. Playing these kinds of games have made me unable to play most any other games, besides your game and a game I am also waiting for called Project Zomboid (www.projectzomboid.com).
    I am anticipating your game more than I anticipated Elder Scrolls:Skyrim

    Please work your bag off to get this game out, and keep making games because the industry needs people like you, now more than ever with the huge failure that has been diablo3 (and other mainstream titles). many companies have proven themselves greedy and willing to produce washed out content just to make a quick buck.

    From what I gather, this company is not like that.
    Keep on the keeping on.

    [email removed]

  2. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    Thanks Kyle, we will do our best!

  3. Anonymous
    | Reply

    It seems like the good RPGs are back with the rise of indy development movement and sites like Kickstarter. Once again I am excited about playing video games.

  4. devcircuit
    | Reply

    I agree with kyle. Not because i have a somewhat low end pc, because i like the simplicity of Eschalon than Skyrim, (though i only played oblivion). Even though this ends with book 3, i hope you will create more games similar to this one.

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