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  1. Nikki
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    I love the Eschalon series. I happened upon it when it was demo’d on Reflexive (RIP) and downloaded it to see if it would give me my RPG fix and whoa did it ever! I purchased and played it to death and back…I loved it so much that I haunted this site to find out when the Book 2 would be available.

    As soon as Book 2 came out I bought it and have played it over and over and over again. I need a Book 3 – any ETA/news on production yet??

    You guys at Basilisk are AWESOME! Continue the series and make more happy customers VERY happy indeed!!

  2. tomo
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    Yeah, good review. I liked the style, the guy knew hsi stuff.

    Great game, well done.

  3. omigeo
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    I came across this game while browsing the RPG section in Steam. I saw the trailer and I wanted to see for myself if I would like this game. I downloaded the trial version and loved it. So I decided to download the full version. I’m glad I did because this game reminds me a bit of BG.

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