Growing pains

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We’ve had a few concerns come our way regarding changes to the website. First, if you were previously subscribed to the RSS news feed on the old site, you’ll need to update to the new feed at (most newer web browsers will display the RSS logo in the address line- just click it). Also, we’ve kept much of the old site running behind this one, so if you have a link going straight to the old Book II product page, it will still take you there at this time. Be sure to update all your links to the new website.

And finally, yes, we hope to eventually link your Drunken Lizard Pub account with the website comment section. At his time we are waiting on a specific plugin to be updated for this to happen.

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  1. Murg
    | Reply

    And here I thought book II was dead. And it turns out it was only the feed! Thanks for (eventually) putting up a notice on the old feed to let us know : )

  2. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    Yes- we’re very sorry we didn’t do a formal post on the old site before switching over.

    I’m glad you found us again!

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